More about the NATP Schools Membership...

The NATP has been making sense of complex children’s behaviour for quite a long time and has been identifying those key jigsaw pieces for Therapeutic Parents who may be struggling with their children. 

We are now being asked by those parents if we can identify a way of bridging the gap between themselves and school, between their understanding of their children’s behaviour and the way that teachers often interpret it, between an educational system with a primary focus on academic results and a foster family focused on developing a relationship with their son or daughter that will enable them to recover from the traumas of their earlier life.

We are also aware of the extreme pressure that teachers are under to deliver results, to tick all the Ofsted/Estin boxes – and still find time to have that really important conversation with that student who is struggling to conform to expectations.

Who is this membership for?

This membership has been designed to support all schools and its teaching staff to help raise awareness around Developmental Trauma - For better outcomes for ALL children!

Education Settings this Membership will Support:

Nursery Schools
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Virtual Schools 
Forest Schools 
SENS Schools
and all those working in a education setting wanting to become trauma informed